The League Season 5 Spot Teases NFL Stars And Seth Rogen

Since the show not only resumes in about a week but is also moving nights and networks, it’s probably past time to talk about the upcoming fifth season of The League. The fantasy football comedy that('s not really about football and) was formerly a staple of FX's Thursday line-up will instead be airing Wednesday nights on FXX, co-anchoring the new network with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And most of the pre-season promos have been focusing on the move, using the series' never-ending list of NFL guest stars to do the heavy lifting and help spread the word.

Yet it still seems like a lot of fans won't know where to to turn come kick-off, especially since The League is also starting a month earlier than its usual October premiere. While changing networks might not prove the best bet (I'm sure it and Sunny will be fine), both an earlier start and different night make perfect sense since the series will now sync up with the football season without having to compete with the eventual Thursday night games. They might share an audience.

A lot of the footage from this new teaser takes place in the same locations with the same stars as the aforementioned moving themed promos, obviously shooting them while they had the athletes on set, but these bits all seem to be taken from the actual episodes. I think. The opening sequence shows Nick Kroll's Ruxin and Katie Aselton's Jenny hanging out poolside with J.J. Watt questioning the former's football playing past before cutting away to show the MacAsterisk, sorry MacArthur - Cutler road trip. The Cutlers, Jay and Kristen, made an appearance last year and it looks like the two couples are getting quite close.

Still, by far the most exciting part of the promo was getting a glimpse of Jason Mantzoukas' Rafi, especially since he was once again accompanied by Dirty Randy, played by the great Seth Rogen. Oh, and it looks like Snoop Lion will be making Taco's acquaintance. I'd rather see more from Rafi and Randy. Don't get me wrong, I love Taco but I can already imagine how the Snoop scene will play out where those two are crazy unpredictable. And hilarious. Also, where were Mark Duplass' Pete and Paul Scheer's Andre? They must have been benched.

The League returns for its fitth season Wednesday, September 4 at 10:30 p.m. ET on FXX. Created by Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, the series stars Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Steve Rannazzisi, Katie Aselton, Jon Lajoie and Jason Mantzoukas.

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