Legend Of The Seeker's Bridget Regan Joins White Collar For A Recurring Role In Season 5

Warren Kole isn't the only new face headed to White Collar for the USA series' upcoming fifth season. The series is also adding Bridget Regan, who' s set to play the recurring role of a character who will be getting tangled up with Neal Caffrey on both a personal and a professional level. (Article contains references to the ending of Season 4, so if you aren't caught up, read no further!)

Deadline says Bridget Regan is set up for a 10-episode arc on White Collar for Season 5. With Neal and Sara Ellis parting ways at the end of Season 4, that leaves Neal available for a new love interest, and it sounds like Regan's character Rebecca Lowe will fill that vacancy, at least for a little while. And she'll also have something to do with one of his cons. She's described as "a beautiful rare book scholar who becomes entangled with Neal's latest con, and then ultimately Neal himself."

Regan's recent credits included recurring roles on Beauty and the Beast and Perception. She's also appeared in Person of Interest and NCIS: Los Angeles. But people may know her best for her starring role as Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker.

Regan's character Rebecca isn't the only character filling a void in Neal's life on White Collar. He's not only out one live interest as of the end of Season 4, but he's also out a handler. Last week, we learned that Warren Kole was set to appear in Season 5, playing the guy taking over for Peter by working with Neal.

White Collar will return to USA for Season 5 this October.

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