The Legend Of Zelda Is Coming To TV, Get The Details

Ever since Netflix delved into the original programming business, it’s been giving TV fans what they want. We wanted to see more Arrested Development, and we got it. We wanted to see Daredevil and Luke Cage in live action, and we're getting an entire mini-MCU. Now Zelda fans (and we know there are a lot of us out there) are getting their wishes with a live-action The Legend of Zelda series coming to the streaming service.

The news comes from The Wall Street Journal, and it has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix. According to their insiders, however, the series is in the early stages of development and will focus on the characters of Link and Zelda, as the Hyrulean warrior journeys to rescue the princess. The WSJ describes him as an “ordinary boy,” which suggests we’ll be starting things off when Link is first realizing his skills in this fantastical environment.

If that didn’t already pique your interest, Netflix is reportedly describing their Zelda series as “Game of Thrones for families.” Ever since the hit HBO fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin’s insanely popular books took off, everyone seems to be trying to replicate its success. MTV is developing a series based on the Shannara fantasy novels by Terry Brooks. Netflix thought its Marco Polo series would be able to tango with the world of Westeros, but Zelda might just have what it takes to actually live up to this promise.

Beyond the adventures through giant worlds, what it has in common with Game of Thrones is the sheer number of fans. It’s difficult to find someone who didn’t grow up playing the Legend of Zelda games in some capacity, whether it was on the Nintendo console or the first iteration of Gameboy. Now, the franchise has expanded to such vast reaches of the game’s world with various installments, the latest version of which is Hryule Warriors, which sees Link and his allies going up against a sorceress named Cia who’s been corrupted by an evil spirit and is now hellbent on claiming dominion over the land.

As such, there are so many stories and elements to this world from which the Netflix series can borrow that the possibilities are tickling all of us who are still dedicated to the franchise. This is also the reason why the streaming service is reportedly working exceptionally close with Nintendo to ensure they get it right.

Following the animated series in the late 1980s, the closest we’ve come to a Zelda movie or TV show came a few years back from Imagi. According to SlashFilm, the animation company pitched Nintendo the idea of making a feature film version of The Legend of Zelda, but Nintendo ultimately passed on the project. That didn’t stop Adam Holmes, a former Imagi employee, from releasing the video that they pitched to the gaming company.

Despite being almost too similar to what we’ve seen from the games, it’s nonetheless pretty awesome. And now we can all start the process of dream casting who we’d like to see play Link and Zelda in live action.