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Rob Lowe has been signed on for Lifetime’s Casey Anthony trial movie since last spring, but things seemed to be slow going for a while. The Parks and Recreation actor will star in the TV movie, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, which will follow prosecutor Jeff Ashton, leaving the woman on trial for the ruthless murder of her daughter as a minor character. Now, Lifetime has finally come out of the woodwork and set a premiere date.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony won’t hit the cable network until after the holidays, right around the time other networks are rolling out midseason programming. EW is reporting the TV movie will premiere on January 19 and, if I know Lifetime, the network will air the flick repeatedly over subsequent days. Which may be just great, if you are into the source material.

The TV flick is based on the book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony written by Jeff Ashton, who was actually the courtroom prosecutor working on the real-life case. In the Lifetime movie, Lowe will take on the role of Ashton, who made some key choices in determining how the case would be run in the courtroom. Casey Anthony will only be a minor character appearing in the movie, which will mostly follow the prosecution and its decisions and tactics. Additionally, Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell is expected to appear as a member of the prosecuting team and The Office’s Oscar Nunez will lead the defense team in the flick.

Lifetime’s Prosecuting Casey Anthony premieres on Saturday, January 19 at 8 p.m. ET.