Limitless Cancelled By CBS, Season 2 Not Happening

While CBS’ Les Moonves had stated earlier this year that he believed all of the network’s first-year shows would be receiving second-season orders, that wasn’t exactly the case, with Supergirl indeed getting renewed, only at the sister network The CW. The last show hanging by a thread while waiting for an answer was the drama Limitless, but the decision was made today that 22 episodes was CBS’ limit for what it wants to give viewers, and the cancellation order was given. No Season 2 for Limitless.

As it happens, it isn’t just CBS whose interest waned where continuing the show was concerned. Here’s how showrunner Craig Sweeny announced the bad news on Twitter earlier today.

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When CBS was dishing out its renewals, cancellations and pick-ups prior to the upfronts, it was rumored that Limitless was being shopped around to other outlets that might want to take over the future of the follow-up to the 2011 film. THR reports that Netflix and Amazon were two of the places that were tapped to pick Limitless up. But neither of them (nor any other small screen homes, apparently) were interested, and now it looks like the Season 1 finale will be the end of Brian Finch’s story, unless some last minute savior appears.

The cancellation is especially unfortunate, with the finale ending on a big switcheroo that twisted up the previously established twist that Brian would no longer be working with the FBI, as he was given a shot that made him permanently immune to NZT side effects, making him a worthy accessory again. At least Rebecca got to avenge her father’s death by taking down Sands, although seemingly not for good. There was definitely more story to get into with these characters, especially now that NZT had hit the streets and was being consumed recklessly by the public. And there indeed was a plan for Season 2 that was being developed, but obviously those ideas were all for naught.

Even without the rumors that CBS was looking around for a new home for Limitless, it was kind of obvious that the drama’s days were numbered. CBS released its fall schedule, which noticeably had no mention of Limitless anywhere on it. It could easily have just been shelved until the midseason premieres, as the network did with Mike & Molly’s final season this year, but one season was apparently enough. Are you guys sorry to see Limitless go so soon?

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