Longmire Might Not Be Dead Yet, Here Are The Details

It has been two months since A&E announced the surprise cancellation of its hit summer series Longmire. Since then, fans have advocated for the series to be picked up elsewhere, and the show even put together a pitch to try to find a new home. Now, it seems like all of the Longmire-related efforts might be paying off. This week, Longmire actor Lou Diamond Phillips hinted that we might have good news on the horizon.

On Sunday, Philips took to Twitter to share that good news could be on the way for Longmire fans.

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This isn’t the first time Lou Diamond Phillips has gotten vocal about Longmire. He’s been busy working with the Long Live Longmire feed to “stampede” for the series and make as much noise as possible to prove the show deserves a brand new home. While his most recent tweet doesn’t explicitly state that Longmire will return, it does hint that good news is just around the corner.

When Longmire was originally canceled by A&E, the show had just wrapped up its third season, and while the ratings were down a bit from Season 2, they weren’t exactly a disaster. Word on the street is that A&E cancelled the show as a shift in strategy for the cable network. Instead of airing shows produced by other companies, like Warner Horizon's Longmire, the network reportedly wants to focus on more projects it can produce on its own.

Whether the move was right or wrong, it happened, and now Longmire is busy searching for a new home. Networks like TNT and subscription services like Netflix and Amazon were initially looked at, although more recent reports have mentioned a cable network might be out. Honestly, the fact that people are still excited and talking about Longmire seems to be the most important thing, here. If Lou Diamond Phillips is still talking about the series, it means the project isn’t dead in the water yet. And since the cast is contracted to the series until early next year, the show still has a couple of months to find a new home for its cast and crew. We’ll keep you posted.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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