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A Look At Charity Wakefield As Marilyn Munster For Mockingbird Lane

Yesterday, word spread that Mockingbird Lane had found its Lily Munster. While True Blood's Mariana Klaveno was reportedly up for the role, her contractual obligations with ABC for the Devious Maids pilot presented an issue and the role went to Arrested Development's Portia de Rossi. It's going to be exciting to see how de Rossi looks in the role. While we may have to wait for that, we now have a look at another main characters in costume for the NBC reboot of the classic TV series.

Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller are bringing The Munsters back to the small screen with Mockingbird Lan. Among the cast, which in addition to de Rossi, includes Eddie Izzard and Jerry O'Connell, is Charity Wakefield, who's set to play Marilyn Munster. ShockTillYouDrop shared the photo below, which gives us a sort of Instragram-ish look at a blonde and costumed Wakefield.

She looks beautiful, sweet and girlish in her pretty dress, which looks like a nod to the era in which the original character existed, as does her hair. I also love the gothic sort of look of the background. Are we getting a glimpse of the inside of the Munster mansion?

According to what co-creator Bryan Fuller tweeted yesterday, cameras are rolling on the show, so hopefully we'll get even more looks at the series! I doubt I'm alone in eagerly anticipating the first full-cast family photo of the new Munsters!