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Lost's Henry Ian Cusick Will Eventually Guest Star In Body Of Proof

Henry Ian Cusick has taken a guest starring role on the ABC drama Body of Proof when it returns for Season 3 in early 2013 as part of the alphabet network’s midseason lineup. That’s a long time to wait for the actor's guest episode appearance, as well as for the drama in general, but luckily in the interim we will be able to catch Cusick elsewhere on TV.

In Body of Proof, Cusick will play Dr. Megan Hunt’s therapist. The good doctor doesn’t normally spend a lot of time with a therapist, but will choose to seek one out after some hidden secrets from the past come out and Hunt is forced to deal with them. TV Line first broke the news, also noting Cusick will show up in the now-midseason drama’s seventh episode. What does this mean? Mostly, we’ll have quite a while to wait to catch the role.

I was initially a little upset to learn Cusick would not be returning to Scandal as a series regular during the program’s second season. However, the actor quickly rallied, nabbing a 3-episode arc on Season 5 of The Mentalist. A recurring stint from a murder suspect doesn’t pop up on that show all that often, and I was happy to hear the actor would fill the role. Now, with the gig on Body of Proof, the former Lost actor at least has his schedule cemented enough to last until something better—or at least more long-term—comes along.

Jessica Rawden
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