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It seems like an eternity since Louie's aired new episodes. In the TV-verse, anything more than a year between seasons is kind of an eternity, and Louie's been off the air since September of 2012, so that's an eternity plus like seven months. But the wait is nearly over. We learned earlier this year that the comedy series would be back on the air for its fourth season in May 5.

The Wrap posted the news, stating that Louis CK's FX comedy series will return from its 19-month hiatus on Monday, May 5. What's more, the series will return with back-to-back new episodes and will run two new episodes a week for a seven-week stretch. That means there's an extra episode tacked on, with the fourth season consisting of 14 total installments.

When Season 3 was wrapping up back in 2012, we learned that FX was giving the series an extended break during which time the comedian mastermind behind the show would have plenty of time to focus on his stand-up and use the extended break to work on new material for the series. As much of a drag as it can be to have to wait an extra long time for a show to come back for its next season, if it means the show will come back stronger and funnier than ever, I'd say it's well worth it (and there are other comedies that might consider taking that approach). Alas, Louie is a cable comedy, and there's likely to be more scheduling flexibility there than if it were a network series.

Since the show went on hiatus, CK has worked on his stand-up, including an HBO special called Oh My God. He also hosted Saturday Night Live, and is set to host again later this month. So while his series has been off the air, the comedian hasn't been out of sight or mind. While we anticipate the May 5 return, here are some classic Louie moments to remind you of just how funny this show is.

Here's the scene featuring Louis CK and Ricky Gervais...

And here's Melissa Leo's amazing Season 3 appearance...

And here's the doll-tastrophe scene from Season 3...

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