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In the now long standing tradition of MTV not having anything to do with music, the network has added four new series and a special to their original programming lineup. The new reality shows aren't exactly inspired since they all seem to riff on other pre-existing series but why reinvent the wheel when it still rolls? Lately, MTV has made a killing off producing or picking up cheaply made reality series, whether it be The Hills or Jersey Shore, so until that strategy stops paying off, don't expect any large programming shifts (or music for that matter) on the Music TeleVision network.

The first show MTV picked up is tentatively titled The Heights and it is expected to air in primetime. The new one-hour docudrama is kind of like The Hills but instead of following a bunch of rich white girls, this series is set in the "gritty, diverse New York neighborhood of Washington Heights." However, this won't be series that only examines the struggles of underprivileged youth but also celebrates friendship and neighbourhood pride as the young cast (including an aspiring basketball player, hip hop artist and spoken word poet) follows their individual and group pursuits.

The other series set to air in primetime is called Epic Fail and it is described as a 'panel show' that will showcase, and most likely ridicule, the most awkward moments of their viewers' lives. The half-hour comedy will try to make the audience cringe and/or laugh using a variety of methods including reenactments and sharing social media updates. Like Tosh.0 but with a panel and more expansive and intrusive than simply people's YouTube videos.

The two shows not hitting primetime air are Totally Clueless, which will join the weekday schedule, and This Is How I Made It, which is set for the Saturday mornings. Going by the working title Totally Clueless the reality game-show will award the unsuspecting contestants money when they become, uh, not so unsuspecting. The faster that the people realize they're on candid camera (is that copyrighted?), the more money they walk away with. This Is How I Made It is a riff on Much's Born to Be where two of today's big stars share how they became big stars. Somehow the twin stories will weave together into a lesson for kids on how to succeed. Sounds (un)inspiring).

The last project nabbed by the network is Dev, a special about the musician that MTV will premiere on primetime. Dev was just 22 year old when her huge hit Like a G6 dropped and brought her to the "brink of pop music stardom." However, before her debut album could even be released (delayed three times and now set for March 27), the young singer from a small town found herself pregnant. While her and her fiancé deal with the high risk pregnancy, Dev must also prepare for a post-release summer tour. And all this plays before our watching eyes! None of the five projects have been given premiere dates, so look to the MTV spring schedule to see when you can start watching the one(s) that caught your interest.

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