Margo Martindale is headed to Fox to take on a special role in an episode of the sophomore comedy New Girl. Martindale is set to play a Chicagoan who also happens to be Nick’s mother. Nick's group of roomies will travel all the way to the Windy City to meet Nick’s family, but they will soon learn Nick is the most reasonable and reliable member of his brood.

Margo Martindale has taken some fairly meaty roles on television over the last couple of years, winning an Emmy for her portrayal of the dangerous and careful Mags Bennett on Justified and taking a big role in the now-defunct A Gifted Man. The actress may be landing bigger roles in the TV world, but she’s not one to shy away from a guest starring gig, and especially a role where she gets to play as oddball of a character as the head of the Miller clan, who is both hardheaded and irresponsible.

According to EW, Mrs. Miller is not going to be a fan of Nick’s new gal, Jess, which will probably cause some problems during the episode, since we already know the woman is hardheaded. Hopefully, the Chicago visit won’t have long lasting ramifications on their friendship (Or relationship? We’ll see how long this lip-lock stuff lasts).

Martindale’s New Girl episode is set to air in March. March is a pretty long time away, so if you want to catch the actress before her New Girl episode airs, tune in to FX’s new series The Americans, where Martindale has a recurring role.

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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