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Margo Martindale has signed on for FX’s new series, The Americans, which will follow two Russian spies posing as Americans living the dream during the 1980s. In Season One, Martindale will join the cast for at least eight episodes, and will be involved in some espionage herself.

The actress will join the cast as Claudia, a KGB spy who passes along information and work assignments to Russian operatives working within the U.S. According to TV Line, Martindale will give out assignments to the series leads, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who will be portrayed by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. While we don’t know much about Claudia’s personality or temperament, we do know she will be living illegally in the States.

For a long time, Margo Martindale was the sort of actress who did noticeably well when she appeared in projects, but wasn’t always at the top of the casting pile. However, over the last several years, she’s nabbed bigger TV roles in Mercy, A Gifted Man, and Justified, the latter of which earned her an Emmy win. I’m super excited to find out what the actress will bring to the table when The Americans premieres in January, just as I'm super excited for all of the little tidbits and facts about the series we've learned over the past several months to come together as a cohesive endeavor.

Until then, you can catch a sneak peak at the series, which shows us a little more about the family dynamics of the Jennings family.

The Americans premieres Wednesday, January 30 at 10 p.m. ET.