Michael Moore To Discuss Obama on Larry King Live

Everyone’s favorite rabble-rousing documentarian, Michael Moore, is going to be weighing in on the Presidential race on Larry King Live tomorrow. Moore, who produced and directed such films as Sicko and Fahrenheit 911, recently published a letter on his website urging people to vote for Obama in the Primaries and in November. Moore will be on hand to discuss this endorsement as well as other political news.

The interview, which will air Wednesday April 30 at 9 PM, will no doubt touch on some of the incendiary topics from Moore’s letter. One such topic is the accusation that Clinton has used race in order to “smear” Obama, calling her “a bigot stoking the fires of stupidity.” Ahem. Well then. No matter what your politics or your feelings about Michael Moore are, it’s sure to be an interesting hour of television...to say the least.

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