Michael Socha Joins Once Upon A Time Spinoff At ABC

With the BBC version of Being Human set to end after Season 5 finishes its run, English actor Michael Socha would have been out of work. I say “would have” because the enterprising young actor has already landed himself a pilot role. Socha has signed on for ABC’s Once Upon A Time spinoff pilot.

Currently what we know about the OUAT spinoff is that it will be set in Wonderland and will follow Alice’s adventures in the strange land. Initially, Once Upon A Time’s Sebastian Stan was geared to star in the pilot, but that will be changing now that OUAT consulting producer Jane Espenson and Prison Break’s Zack Estrin have put together a presentation, along with OUAT creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Three characters will star in the series, including Alice herself. Her two brave companions will be The Knave and Amahl.

It’s the former role that Socha has won. In the spinoff, which unfortunately has yet to have earned a name, Socha will play The Knave, a character which Deadline is noting is an adventurous man who breaks hearts due to an emotional incapacity and a loner complex. The other character, Amahl, will be easier to get along with and is described as “optimistic.” We should be hearing about the Alice and Amahl castings over the next few days, as production on the spinoff is expected to begin on April 7. Stay tuned for more casting news.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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