It’s been five months since actor Michael Weatherly first announced that he would be leaving his longtime gig as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on the hit CBS drama NCIS, and so nearly everything that has happened on the show since then has been thought of in the context of it possibly being the last time we’d see DiNozzo doing it. (Except for the head slaps. We knew more of those were coming, no matter what.)

While we’re hoping Weatherly will show up again in some capacity in future seasons to offer up more inspiration and doofy memories, DiNozzo definitely gave us our fair share since first appearing on Jag in 2003. So to honor the occasionally pervy goofball for his years of service, here are Tony DiNozzo’s six most unforgettable moments.

When DiNozzo Met Gibbs
Unlike When Harry Met Sally, no one would ask to have what Gibbs was having, since what he got was winded before getting thrown to the ground and held at gunpoint. Some Super Bowls don’t even have tackles that are this important. Had this been the first time audiences had seen these two characters on screen, rather than as the Season 1 flashback seen in the video above, then the undercover Gibbs’ smile might have been a cause for curiosity. But we all knew that coy look was just Gibbs thinking about how big of a future he and DiNozzo would have together, and how much he would often wish he could deck him across the face again.

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