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Miley Gets Smiley For Saturday Night Live Promos

It's Miley! Yeah, Saturday Night Live is wasting no time getting Miley Cyrus onto the show, as the musician is set to host and perform for the new season's second episode. And the above promo indicates that they're willing to tackle the hard-hitting issues related to the former child star, including her headline-grabbing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and why she feels the need to stick her tongue out constantly.

This is Cyrus' second time hosting SNL, as she took the lead in an episode back in 2011. It's her first time as musical guest and obviously her first time pulling double duty. Based on the promo, all evidence points to Cyrus being open to having a laugh at her own expense, so we may be in for some funny sketches -- possibly related to tongues, naked wrecking-ball riding and tweaking? -- this Saturday night. The last time Miley hosted, she sang a song about not being perfect during her opening monologue. And later on in the episode, Miley came face to face with herself when Vanessa Bayer put on her best Miley for a new "Miley Cyrus Show" sketch, while the actual Cyrus played Justin Bieber.

Rather than repeating that gag, since Bayer's still around, It'd be great to see Bayer crash Cyrus' opening monologue this time around. I'm flashing back to 2011 (again) when Mark Zuckerberg had an "awkberg" encounter with Andy Samberg -- who was impersonating him moments earlier -- and Jesse Eisenberg, who played him in The Social Network.

We'll have to wait and see what Miley has in store for us this Saturday night.

Saturday Night Live had a strong season premiere last weekend, but some of that could be credited to the return of Tina Fey, who hosted the episode and may have offered a bit of her ample expertise and experience on the show in building some memorable sketches. Check out the highlights from the episode here. And tune in this Saturday night when Miley Cyrus hosts and performs (11:30 p.m. ET on NBC).