Governor Mitt Romney's five sons appeared on Conan last night to talk about their father and their family. In typical Conan fashion, the move was kept light and didn't delve very deep into political discussion, but the interview O'Brien had with the men did allow us to get to know the presumptive Republican Party presidential candidate a little bit better.

Before we get to that, Conan showed this amusing Romney campaign ad, which points the finger at Obama for a number of things that might not be entirely his fault…

Moving on to the interviews, Conan gets down to business by handing out name tags so that he can keep their names straight, and then (on the subject of tags) questioning Tagg on his parents' choice to name him that.

Romney's apparently a fan of pranking, but he doesn't like getting pranked. Not entirely an original outlook but still amusing…

Speaking of pranks, one of Mitt Romney's sons played a prank on Romney that's pretty great. They got it on video and it's shown in this clip below, which also has Conan revealing the extra Romneys he has on stand-by.

And here they talk about reacting to their father's decision to run for president, which may be as close as they actually get to the subject of politics.

The full episode includes an interview with Rob Corddry, which is also worth checking out. That should be up at at some point later today. Conan airs weeknights at 11:00 p.m. ET on TBS.

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