The Big Way Impractical Jokers Is Returning For First Episode Without Joe Gatto

Murr, sal and q watching monitor in Impractical Jokers
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Even though it might not be the first TV show that people think of when it comes to long-running cable series, truTV’s Impractical Jokers is traveling headfirst into its tenth season, which is set to arrive in earnest later in 2022. This season is of note not just for marking a decade of improvised and prank-filled comedy, but also because it will be the first batch of episodes without founding member Joe Gatto, who quite publicly exited the series as 2021 ended, citing an amicable divorce from wife Bessy as the cause. Now we know exactly how Impractical Jokers will return to TV without Gatto, and it’s a solid sign of support from parent company WarnerMedia.

The first new Impractical Jokers installment of 2022 won’t feature Joe Gatto, and it also won’t be the official opener for Season 10. Instead, fans will see Brian “Q” Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and James “Murr” Murray making a temporary return on Saturday, April 2, with a super-sized special episode that will be simulcast across truTV, TBS and TNT. Even beyond the shared three-network airing, Impractical Jokers is getting an additional attention-worthy boost in that the one-off episode will be airing immediately after the conclusion of the NCAA Men’s Final Four game being played that evening. 

Given that live sports are always a good source of high ratings, especially when playoffs and championships are involved, this scheduling plan is a great way to bring as many eyeballs as possible to this new era of Gatto-free prankdom. And everyone loves a wild and kooky guest star, which Impractical Jokers will deliver with this special in the form of Jackass Forever’s Eric André, who obviously knows a thing or two about impulsive hilarity, given his many years taking Adult Swim’s The Eric André Show to truly weird places. So I’d expect the special to be completely devoid of dull moments, but possibly not devoid of ranch flavoring.

The three networks unveiled a first look at the special, which is a relatively tame but still colorful and goofy shot of the Impractical Jokers trio with their first big guest star to fill the Gatto-shaped void.

Murr, Sal, Q and Eric Andre in balloon room on Impractical Jokers

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With Joe Gatto keeping busy with his stand-up career following his exit, the rest of the team has been busy filming new episodes for Season 10, which is being planned for a summer debut on truTV. Bryan Quinn has spoken highly of the revised trio approach for the new season, saying there’s a new energy at play. A few pictures have been revealed from the production through social media, where fans were quick to make mournful comments about Joe Gatto’s absence. But now we know Eric André is joining the party, and that each Season 10 episode will feature a different celebrity guest of high comedic calibre joining the fun. I’m not holding out hope for an episode featuring both Larry David and George Clooney, but that’s about as impractical as can be.

So remember to tune into either truTV, TBS or TNT on Saturday, April 2, when Impractical Jokers returns to fans for its extended-length episode following the end of the NCAA Final Four game. While waiting, you can also check out past seasons of the show on demand and/or with an HBO Max subscription, though with certain episodes having been removed in the aftermath of Joe Gatto’s exit. And head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way in the meantime.

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