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HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most insanely popular shows on television at the moment. In addition to the strong television following, there is also an audience that has devoured George R.R Martin’s novels and thus knows basically everything there is to know about Westeros. Unfortunately for the latter, Game of Thrones has now passed Martin’s novels, and they will be forced to watch the series without knowing what could happen to their favorite characters.

Because of this, fan theory and fiction have most likely hit an all time high, as Game of Thrones fans everywhere attempt to surmise what will happen with one of the most beloved characters: Jon Snow. One of the more outlandish theories hit the internet after the season premiere, and it’s leaving many of us scratching our heads.

Namely that Jon Snow’s blood resembled a dragon, therefore confirming that he was part Targaryen.

Seriously, I said the theory was outlandish.

If you look at the above tweet you can see how, if you are really drinking the koolaid and suspending your disbelief, a sloppy image of a man riding a dragon could be seen in Jon’s blood. But if you look at the original image closer, and accept that we’re not going to find out the answer until future episodes, you’ll see the pool of blood is just person shaped. Because Jon was laying out in Castle Black bleeding out all night.

Now, there is a part of this theory that isn't the worst. Jon could have Targaryen blood. That theory has been debated long before last Sunday’s episode.

Jon Snow’s parentage has been one of the longest standing mysteries in both the Game of Thrones and the novels that the show is based off of. One of the leading theories is that Jon isn’t Ned’s son at all, and that he is in fact the child of Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark and Daenerys’ deceased brother Rhaegar. Lyanna’s kidnapping is one of the contributing factors to Robert Baratheon's rebellion, and her death is still shrouded in mystery.

Additionally, the concept that Ned was an adulterer seems to be completely out of character. He was a man of honor, integrity, and he followed rules. Why would he betray Caetlyn in that way? Jon’s paternity will surely be revealed eventually in either the books or the series, and this would be a great way to tie him to Daenerys’ cause. If he ever comes back to life, that is.

Of course, we will continue to update you on all things Game of Thrones, whether it's ridiculous or not.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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