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CBS’ fall lineup is covered with crime dramas ranging from the clever The Mentalist to new shows like the modern-day Sherlock retelling Elementary. Where CBS is quite gifted in the procedural department, NBC has waned over the past few years. Last year’s Awake never quite found the audience it deserved, leaving the dinosaur that is Law and Order: SVU alone on the non-supernatural crime drama block. Now, with a little help from Kelsey Grammer, the network hopes to add some fresh policing to the lineup.

NBC has just bought a project from the duo who created Starz’s Boss, Lionsgate and Gramnet Productions, owned by Grammer. Kevin Fox is attached to write. Despite having a Law and Order: SVU alum writing the project, the final project will be nothing like a basic procedural. Deadline is reporting the project will follow characters using methods of police work based on Freakonomics to solve crime. Yes, NBC seriously thinks this can work.

Freakonomics is peppered with pop culture references and some really strange logic, so if the show has those facets it will, at the very least, be entertaining to watch. What we do know about the project is it is rolling with the title Pariah and will be set in San Diego, where members of the police force there will object to some “new” methods of police work based on the hit book. I honestly have no idea how this will play out onscreen, but if the production team can put something together that is as good as Boss, NBC may finally find a winner to replace its dinosaur.

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