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The much anticipated summer “webisodes” of ‘The Office’ have started up on NBC’s website and so far, they’re everything one could hope. In the hopes of keeping the appetites of ‘Office’ addicts satisfied, NBC has produced an online mini-mini-series. Each webisode is a few minutes long and centers around the Dunder-Mifflin accounting department as they investigate some missing money in the books.

The accountants notice a bunch of money is missing and awkwardly try to interrogate their fellow employees to figure out who stole the money. So far there’s only been two episodes (sorry, “webisodes) but they’ve been chock full of the usual dry wit that you’ll find in the regular episodes, just expect much smaller portions.

Also on the NBC website you can view those hilarious fake Public Service Announcements done by the cast of ‘The Office’ as well as outtakes and interviews by the cast. Basically, the website is full of stuff to keep us ‘Office’ fanatics moderately satisfied until the new season starts up in the fall.

The webisodes can be found here. The downside to everything on the NBC website is that you have to sit through a brief commercial before every clip. Below is a portion of the first webisode: