After weighing their options, thinking of some way to at least give the show a wrap up mini season, NBC has officially cancelled Heroes. For the majority of former fans this may be a long time in the making, but for those of us who held out a little hope we got to enjoy the show slowly dragging itself up through the muck. Not enough that fans should be completely upset by this news.

According to The Hollywood Reporter NBC’s decision came down to looking at the falling ratings and potential new hour long dramas this fall. Including the comic influenced The Cape starring Summer Glau. The tale of real world people being granted super powers had the potential for great series long storylines, but the show was bogged down by what I often thought of us forced comic book drama. Characters were dead, but not. In one instance a character returned as a different person entirely. It was too convoluted for its own good, and had no cohesive direction by the last two seasons.

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