I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that last night’s Golden Globes didn’t feature quite enough Ricky Gervais. The host took the stage numerous and fired a few comedic shots into the crowd, some of which hit and others not so much, but over all, it sounds like NBC was pleased with his efforts.

According to Deadline, NBC’s Paul Telegdy (president of alternative and late night programming) gave Gervais the thumbs up for his hosting at last night’s Golden Globes. “He came out, he was himself, he had a great time and he was backed by the biggest stars. I laughed heartily throughout,” Telegdy said, also noting "how bold and brave" it is to take on the responsibility of host for a third time following all of the scrutiny Gervais received for his previous antics.

Bold, maybe. Brave? Eh. I would agree with that as it applied to other hosts and even for Gervais if I believed he was genuinely nervous about returning or disappointed by the negative reactions he received last year, but Gervais seemed to thrive off the attention he received for his controversial hosting job. Or at the very least, he didn't shy away from it. Sure, it’s entirely possible that was all an act and that deep down, he was genuinely nervous to return to the stage this year, but given the hype leading up to this year’s Globes, Gervais seemed eager to get back to the event and take a few digs at some of Hollywood’s biggest names once again. In that respect, he did a fine job. I wouldn’t say he topped himself in humor or in zings, but he did deliver some laughs and aside from wishing we’d seen more of him throughout the night, I liked his contributions to the event.

As for how the crowd reacted last night, Telegdy said, “I believe people were prepared after last year, but I would say that he was as disruptive and intrusive this year. I can’t see how he could have been more outrageous.”

From what we were shown throughout the broadcast, it did seem like the celebrities seated at the tables near the stage were somewhat prepared or at the very least, anticipating Gervais’ jokes this year, which perhaps took some of the edge off the night.

?Given that the Globes are about celebrating the artistic achievements of film and TV over the past year, a little bit of roasting seems like a reasonable exchange to offset all of the congratulatory back-patting and celebrating.

As for whether we’ll see Gervais return to the event, while it sounds like NBC would have him back, Gervais told Deadline last night that he was “really done” this time. “Three is plenty - at least that’s what Charlie Sheen told me.” We’ll see if he holds to that.

Here's a video featuring some of Gervais' jokes during last night's Golden Globes...

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