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NBC has picked up a new dance competition series called Superstar Dancers of the World. The reality competition series will feature dancers from all over the world as they show off their best moves. I know what you’re probably thinking; the show does sounds extremely similar to the already popular Fox competition series So You Think you Can Dance but to be fair, there are a few differences (along with one major similarity aside from the obvious dance theme).

According to Variety, Superstar Dancers will feature dancing pros (as opposed to SYTYCD’s mostly amateurs) and while the Fox reality show sticks to featuring dancers residing in the U.S., Superstar Dancers will showcase dancers from eight different countries. So I guess this means whoever wins will be able to declare themselves the greatest dancer in the world (or the greatest dancer among the eight countries represented anyway). The eight countries are: U.S., Ireland, India, Argentina, China, Russia, South Africa and Australia.

The major similarity between SDotW and SYTYCD is that both series are produced by the great Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller. Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley is set to host. The series is set to premiere sometime during midseason.