Network Bidding War: With Ron Howard On Board, Sarah Silverman Series Is Gold

She’s known for being crude, crass, and irreverent - all wrapped up in a pretty brunette package. Yes, Sarah Silverman is basically everything Comedy Central viewers could want in a series star. But apparently it’s not just the fart joke loving crowd Silverman has managed to impress. Deadline reported today that Silverman’s new comedy project has got the attention of at least three networks, with two (NBC and ABC) already putting offers on the table.

Silverman’s newest project, a comedy about a newly single woman that draws from her real life, is being pitched by Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox. What’s more, she has managed to draw the personal attention of Imagine’s top dog -and he’s a big dog indeed - Ron Howard. Howard is so hot on the Silverman project that he has personally been present for every network pitch on the series. The last show Ron Howard backed this way: Arrested Development which was of course a critical favorite and Emmy winner but unfortunately just couldn’t get the ratings to keep it alive.

With Ron Howard behind her Silverman is certainly shining like gold to the networks, but whether she can deliver the ratings will be the question that really matters. Personally, Silverman doesn’t do it for me, but obviously enough people find her amusing enough to make her a hot property. Silverman will have to clean up her act a bit for network television; will her Comedy Central fans still find a cleaned up version of Sarah so funny? And if not, can she find a new audience, perhaps one a little more mature? That’s a lot of questions, but we’ll have to let Sarah answer them.