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His name is Jonas, and he may be the next new American Idol judge. At the very least, Nick Jonas has confirmed that he's in the running for the job. Since it's been mostly confirmed that Jennifer Lopez will not be returning for Season 12, and Mariah Carey has been brought on board to officially take up residence in the seat vacated by Steven Tyler, that leaves one chair free and Nick Jonas could be the man to fill it.

TVLine posted the update, citing the following Tweet:

This update comes a couple of weeks after Fox announced that Mariah Carey was officially on board to join the series as a judge, and Fox president Kevin Reilly was quoted as saying "I think I can say it's 100% Jennifer won't be coming back to the show."

Known mainly for his music and his involvement in family band The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas has already branched out to television a bit, playing the role of Lyle West in a couple episodes of NBC's musical drama Smash. American Idol would put him on a different network, but like Smash, it would also make good use of his musical talent and experience. Plus, his boy-band fame would likely be a good draw for the younger viewers.

Personally, I'd love to see either Jimmy Iovine (or anyone else with a trained eye and ear for talent) or a former contestant take a spot at the judges table, but if they're aiming to bring in someone younger, the 19-year-old certainly has a few years of musical experience under his belt and the kind of fame that draws viewers. We'll have to wait and see if he gets the job.

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