Nick Jonas Joins Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens

Casting for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming anthology series Scream Queens just got a little more interesting. On Monday, we learned that Nick Jonas has joined Fox’s Scream Queens. Yes, we’re talking the former wunderkind and member of the Jonas Brothers. Jonas has booked a recurring gig on the upcoming series, and despite the fact that he’s known as a musician, he does have plenty of acting experience, as well.

In fact, Nick Jonas isn’t the first music-oriented individual who has signed on to Scream Queens. Ariana Grande is a pop singer who rose to fame on Nickelodeon shows like Victorious. Like Jonas, she’ll have a recurring role. Just like the other individuals who have been cast, THR reports plot details are being kept under wraps regarding Jonas’ role. We do know that Scream Queens is going to be set on a college campus following a set of murders.

So, we don’t know exactly what sort of character Nick Jonas will be playing, but we do know he has the experience to back up the gig. Jonas began his acting career years ago, appearing in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock. He also has network TV experience beyond the Disney stuff. He’s popped up in multiple episodes of NBC’s former series Smash and CBS’ Hawaii Five-0. He also has a starring role in the DirecTV Mixed Martial Arts series Kingdom.

Jonas and the aforementioned Ariana Grande aren’t the only two individuals who have already joined Scream Queens. Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts are set to headline the series—which is really no surprise. Curtis is the original scream queen, after all, having appeared in a slew of horror films throughout her career. Roberts has also appeared in another Ryan Murphy horror project, American Horror Story.

In addition, about a week ago, a ton of names were added to the sort-of mysterious project. Glee’s Lea Michele will also have a big role in the series, leading me to believe that music will probably play a role in the new series. If not, I can’t imagine why the show is wasting all of the vocal talent. True Blood’s Joe Manganiello has also signed on to Scream Queens, adding another TV horror notch to his belt. Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin—who is now all grown up—is also expected to be a co-lead, and Masters of Sex actress Keke Palmer will also appear.

Ryan Murphy is often a fan of slowly leaking out information related to a new series. Scream Queens isn’t actually expected to air until the fall of 2015, so it could be a long time before we start to understand how the series is shaping out and what characters the actors will be playing. Regardless, with a cast like this, it’s easy to get excited without even knowing the details.

Jessica Rawden
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