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Nick Kroll And Bill Burr To Guest Star On New Girl

The casting of Margo Martindale as Nick's mother should have give us an indication that New Girl was aiming high with the casting for the characters' family. But news on the casting front has gotten even better, as the Fox comedy series has cast two (excellent) stand-up comedians to play more Miller family relatives.

Last week, we learned that Margo Martindale is set to play the role of Nick's mother in an episode, which airs next month and will have the gang traveling to Chicago, where Nick grew up. As it turns out, Nick's the responsible one in the family, which leads us to wonder what the rest of his relatives are like. Today EW reports that Kroll and Burr have signed on to play family members.

Kroll - who not only stars in FX's The League, but also now has his own TV show (the Comedy Central sketch comedy series Kroll Show) - will play Nick's younger brother Jamie, an air conditioner repairman (paging Troy from Community!). And Bill Burr is set to play Bobby, "Nick's loudmouthed cousin and a TSA agent at Boston's Logan Airport. Apparently, he and Jamie are always fighting, which should make for some hilarity when we consider just how funny both comedians are. In addition to his stand-up, Burr has appeared a few times on Breaking Bad, playing one of Saul's henchmen Kuby.

As EW points out, Nick's father (played by Dennis Farina) has already appeared on the show this season. Still, it's exciting to learn more about Nick, especially when factoring in Martindale, Kroll and Burr's involvement. It's going to be great to see how Nick and the rest of the group interact with him. I also sort of hope we get to see Nick's room.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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