The New Normal Promotional Photos Show NBC's New Happy Family

Among the new comedies headed to NBC this fall is The New Normal, a series by Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler, which follows a same-sex couple and the single mom who agrees to be a surrogate mother to their child. NBC released some new promotional photos of the cast, which has them looking like one big happy family.

The New Normal stars Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha as Bryan and David, a gay couple who've decided to embark on the journey that is parenthood. This endeavor brings Goldie (Georgia King) into their lives. She's looking for a new start. They're looking for a baby. And so begins a new friendship and what could be the start of a new family.

The promotional photos below show Bartha, Rannells, King, along with Bebe Wood as Shania, NeNe Leakes as Rocky and Ellen Barkin as Jane, laying in the grass together. The only one missing is the baby!

Rannells and Bartha's blue and pink shirts do a nice job of representing the baby that's wanted by their characters. They're dressed in blue and pink shirts in this photo as well, which has them sitting together in a big baby buggy.

The old-fashioned looking baby stroller offsets the very modern take on the American family (or "the new normal") in this comedy series nicely.

The New Normal premieres on NBC Tuesday, September 11 at 9:30 p.m. Watch clips from the pilot here.

Kelly West
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