Norman Reedus Looks Like A Badass In First Ride With Norman Reedus Poster

Few contemporary television actors have a monopoly on being a badass quite like Norman Reedus. As Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, he has more than proven his ability to kick some serious zombie ass, while still maintaining a sensitive side that keeps him loveable. AMC clearly knows a good thing when it sees it, because the network has seen fit to give audiences even more Norman Reedus this summer with his new show Ride With Norman Reedus. A new poster for the show has just been released, and it’s seriously awesome; check it out below to see for yourself.

What did we say about him being a total badass? The first poster for the new AMC series Ride With Norman Reedus looks pretty much how you would exactly expect it to. It features the show’s host towering over the beholder atop a motorcycle, while of course adorned in leather and his trademark sunglasses. Below him, at the bottom of the poster, we can see the official premiere date for the series next month on June 12.

Norman Reedus clearly understands that fans absolutely adore the persona he has cultivated for himself on The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints and other projects. Much like his character Daryl Dixon, Reedus has a passion for motorcycles and biker culture, so AMC capitalized on the opportunity to invest in his interest while giving audiences more of the beloved actor. Ride With Norman Reedus will follow the famed face-licker as he and a companion ride around various locales across the American landscape and stop by different relevant locations – such as biker shops and clubs. In certain ways, it’s almost gotten to the point where it’s hard to tell where Daryl Dixon ends and Norman Reedus begins, and you almost understand why his fanbase can get so weird.

Speaking of Daryl Dixon, we just want to come out and say that Ride With Norman Reedus does not inherently mean that Reedus is in any danger of dying next season on The Walking Dead. Fans have looked high and low for clues as to who Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan killed, and some have concluded that Reedus’ new show means he could be on his way out of The Walking Dead. That logic doesn’t necessarily add up because other Walking Dead actors have gone on to other projects without having to leave the show permanently. If anything, having another show on AMC means that the network could accommodate Reedus’ schedule and work to keep him on the zombie series, especially since it's only six episodes and already filmed.

Then again, it’s entirely plausible that the badass Daryl Dixon is on his way out to shake things up for the zombie drama. We simply don’t know. For now, we just know that the actor exudes coolness, and we cannot wait for Ride With Norman Reedus to debut on June 12 on AMC at

Conner Schwerdtfeger

Originally from Connecticut, Conner grew up in San Diego and graduated from Chapman University in 2014. He now lives in Los Angeles working in and around the entertainment industry and can mostly be found binging horror movies and chugging coffee.