The First Trailer For Ride With Norman Reedus Is Pure Daryl Dixon Magic

While Fear the Walking Dead is the only official spinoff/companion series to The Walking Dead, it’s going to be hard to mentally separate the zombie drama from the upcoming unscripted series Ride with Norman Reedus, since both feature the actor happily riding a motorcycle around. We now finally have our first look at the show, and while there aren’t any walkers lurking, this is pure Daryl Dixon splendor.

Part of what makes it pure Daryl Dixon is the fact that Norman Reedus is only seen in about a third of the promo, which is quite comparable to the character’s time on Walking Dead. And while we of course wish this trailer would have been a few minutes longer so that we might get a better idea of what we’ll see, everything that’s there is right in line with our expectations.

Hands revving a motorcycle engine? Check. Lots of smoke kicked up from tires peeling out on the concrete? Check. Bikes racing down highways? Check. Norman Reedus saying that everything they did was awesome? You know it. All that’s missing, really, is Reedus trying to track down a friend of his who went missing, Daryl-style.

Okay, so there is that ONE part that defied my expectations, and you’d be right if you thought it was the moment when Reedus and others are racing inside what looks like modified porta-potties. Seems like it might be the perfect place to be if something goes wrong, but is this safe at all?


Reedus lived through it, so I’m guessing it’s “safe enough.” Not that the actor would likely back down from any kind of motorcycle related challenge, but you know how insurance people like to get antsy when stars from hit TV shows start doing crazy shit. I bet the paperwork for this show was extreme.

Ride with Norman Reedus will put viewers in the sidecar as Reedus and his crew head to a different city in each of the initial season’s six episodes, with a different companion joining him in each location. Considering how fun Reedus is interviews, he will likely be captivating at the head of this show, and hopefully he’ll share some weird stories from his career.

While no release date has been specified yet, Ride with Norman Reedus is set to make its debut on AMC this June. But before then, we’ve gotta see what kind of shape Daryl is in after tonight’s Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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