The Office is gearing up to end its epic nine season run on NBC. In its wake, the comedy has left us plenty of pranks, some great one-liners and most importantly, a set of characters so loveable and familiar it feels like we know them in real life. From their quirks to their fears, hopes, dreams, loves and longings, viewers have a great sense of what makes them tick and more superficially, have a great sense of how they put themselves together.

For almost a decade, we’ve watched these characters outfit themselves in some of the wildest, wackiest and most unintentionally stupid costumes one can imagine. They’ve made poor hairdying choices. They’ve repeatedly turned to the same pair of jeans, and they’ve busted out some costumes that clearly belong in another century. We could sit here and argue all day about what the funniest, most inappropriate or most telling fashion choices in the history of The Office are, but for me, when I look back, these are the fashion moments, styling trends or cosmetic quirks that stick out more than all of the rest.

1. Michael’s Fun Jeans
Michael Scott instituted casual Fridays in The Office so that he can wear his fun jeans. One of the longest running gags and props on the show, the fun jeans are a particularly ordinary pair of blue jeans that seem to have magical powers on Michael’s personality. When the fun jeans are on the eclectic manager’s person, it gives the manager the license to be zanier and wilder than usual, running around the Scranton branch like a madman.

While Michael’s fun jeans are most often a regular pair of Levi’s, he has shown no loyalty to the color. In the episode, “The Convention,” Ryan looks over Michael’s checklist for the big trip, noticing it included three boxes of condoms and a pair of “white fun jeans.” These special fun jeans are hung on a hanger and wrapped in plastic for protection.

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