I realize I'm coming a little bit late to this party, but during a Saturday evening viewing of a certain guilty-pleasure apocalyptic thriller starring John Cusack on FX, I came across a commercial featuring The Office's Craig Robinson and Parks and Recreations' Nick Offerman as they traded insults over their respective preferred Chicago baseball teams. This lead me to YouTube where I soon found the extended version of this ad, along with the previous one. Check them out ahead!

Admittedly, I'm not a huge sports fan, nor am I from Chicago, so my amusement in these commercials comes more from seeing Robinson (The Office's Darryl Philbin) and Offerman (Parks and Recreations' Ron Swanson) face off in a battle of words with one another. And really, a love of sports and/or Chicago baseball teams is not required to find these ads funny or to see the "Dedication" theme New Era Caps is going for, though I expect it would make the ads even funnier.

The ads, which are for New Era Caps, have Robinson and Offerman seated in a bar together. Robinson is a White Sox fan. Offerman prefers the Cubs. To say that their conversation becomes heated in this first one would be a mistruth. In fact, the mood is icy cold as they go back and forth, insulting one another's teams until Robinson crosses a line…

"I've had better pizza in New York."

Seems like he treaded into a whole other rivalry, and one they'd likely be on the same side of. The best is that Robinson realizes it and apologizes.

And in Round 2, Robinson tries to see how far Offerman would be willing to go for his team to win the World Series.

"What if you had to be the least funny character on your TV show," Robinson asks.
"You seem to manage just fine," Offerman responds.

They both agree that it would be awesome to trade in their car for a pig with a saddle on it. That might make for an interesting race in Round 3. Just a thought...

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