David Koechner is reportedly attached to star in a half-hour comedy project, which may end up airing on the History channel, of all places. A year or two ago, we might have thought it odd to imagine a comedy series airing on History, but the cable channel has been branching out into the scripted programming market, to much acclaim and ratings success, so it may just be a matter of time before they throw comedy into the mix. And what better way to do that than with Koechner - known for his role in The Office and Anchorman, among other things - in a starring role?

The comedy is called Whitey - not to be confused with NBC's Whitney - and it comes from A+E Networks, and will be produced by Leslie Greif. Deadline says no final decision has been made on exactly what channel this potential series might air, but we should expect it to fall under the A+E Networks umbrella, and the site says they hear it's earmarked for History.

The pilot stars Koechner, who will play Guy "Whitey" White, "a bright, conservative and frustrated guy in his 40s who is struggling to understand the changing values of a country in a world that has forever gone with the wind." He spent his adult years being married to his high school sweetheart and working at a local engine factory until he was laid off. His unemployment status may be what causes him to open his eyes and look around at the state of the country.

The premise sounds perfect for Koechner, who's proven to be particularly funny when playing the loud, opinionated and sometimes grumpy guy. He is expected to return to his role as Champ in the upcoming sequel to Anchorman, and who recently graced Dunder Mifflin with his presence on The Office to exact revenge on the staff. I'd say he's due for his own series. And given the success of Hatfields & McCoys and Vikings, it's no surprise that History might be looking to build onto its scripted programming even further with some comedy. So we'll have to wait and see where this one lands if and when the project moves forward.

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