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Michael Scott makes his grand departure from Dunder Mifflin this week on The Office. Check out these clips from the episode and see who’s talking about erotic cakes, who’s trying to steal toys and how Michael could be a salami to a black bear.

Mild spoilers ahead!

Watching these videos, it’s kind of hard to picture The Office without Steve Carell. This first one features Michael inquiring about the kinds of meats he may or may not want to carry around with him when in the vicinity of black bears. Something tells me this is Michael’s way of trying to smooth things over with Dwight, who’s been harboring some anger toward Michael.

Next up we have an awkward conversation between Michael and Deangelo, who appears to be coveting some of Michael’s toys.

We know there’s something not quite right about Angela’s relationship with the Senator. Watch Oscar’s face toward the end of this clip.

Finally, things get awkward when the subject of erotic cakes comes up during the party planning committee meeting.

Anyone else have a bizarre mental picture involving Phyllis and Bob Vance feeding each other forkfuls of cake by candlelight.

The Office airs Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.