The Office 'Promos' Trailer Shows Dunder Mifflin Staff Reacting To Documentary Promos

After a couple weeks of reruns, following the airing of "The Farm," the pilot for the potential (but not happening) Schrute-focused Office spin-off series, the NBC comedy returns this Thursday with a new episode, which - based on the above promo - will revisit the documentary that's being filmed and scheduled to air. The episode's title, "Promos" suggests that the characters are about to get a glimpse of some promotional content for the documentary. And it seems likely that whatever snippets they get to see of what's been filmed over the last decade is going to get them talking and reminiscing.

The official episode description confirms as much, as well as a guest appearance by Ryan Howard. No, not BJ Novak - whose Office character was named Ryan Howard - but rather, the Philadelphia Phillies player…

EVERYONE IN THE OFFICE IS EXCITED ABOUT PROMOS RUNNING FOR THE DOCUMENTARY—PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES RYAN HOWARD GUEST STARS-- Everyone in the office is excited when promos start running on TV for the documentary. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) makes Angela (Angela Kinsey) jealous when he starts dating a brussel sprout farmer. Meanwhile Jim (John Krasinski) has a big meeting with Major League baseball player, Ryan Howard (guest star Ryan Howard).

Office characters in Promos

Bigger spoilers ahead!

Based on this clip, which was shared by, it looks like Phyllis has discovered Fifty Shades of Grey

It was just a matter of time, right? (The laughing you hear in the background is because this video was aired on The Tonight Show last month.)

Based on this photo, it looks like Dwight figured out how to snap Phyllis out of her Christian Grey-trance.

Phyllis Fifty Shades

But why'd he do it to Andy too?

Andy water

Based on the iPod in his hand and what looks like it might be that familiar shimmery silver tie from the Fifty Shades cover, I think maybe Andy got himself hooked on E.L. James' novel also...

The Office's "Promos" episode airs Thursday, April 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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