The Office Video: Watch The Big Reveal In Moving On's Tag

The Office is drawing to a close. That isn't news. But those of us who have continued to tune in each week have noticed the series preparing itself for its conclusion in ways that vary from subtle to fairly drastic. The potential reunion of Angela and Dwight, for example, seems to be coming to a boil, but that's something that was always bound to happen. It was only ever a matter of time, and with the Schrute spin-off not going to series, it's probably not a stretch to hope that these two might get back together by the series' conclusion.

And then there's Jim and Pam's relationship, which has wandered into rocky territory as Jim tries to get his business up and running in Philadelphia. I can't imagine that they'll end the series with Jim and Pam breaking up, but anything is possible. My only issue with this story is how late it's happening in the series. Not that anyone wants to see Jim and Pam have problems, but after a couple of seasons of babies and not much else for this couple, this recent drama seems like a last ditch effort to present major marital problems and ramp up the tension for Jim and Pam in anticipation of the finale. That brings us to the documentary. Like the Jim and Pam issues, I sort of wish they started addressing the film crew a bit sooner. I like that it's been a mystery, but they might have had more fun with it if there were more time to play with the concept a bit more openly.

Better late than never though, right? The documentary has begun playing a bigger role in the series, and last night's tag was no exception to that. You don't need to have watched the hour-long episode to follow the sketch below. It's a complete add-on that has nothing to do with anything that went on in "Moving On." It begins with Oscar boasting about his her ads for abs exercise regimen, and ends with the reveal of the documentary, which is almost ready and coming soon!

The ad tells us of The Office: An American Workplace, a documentary that's coming in May. As I mentioned in last night's mini-recap of the episode, the ad says "coming this May," which just so happens to be when the series finale will air.

I'm hoping/assuming they're going to show us at least some of the documentary. There's an opportunity for something really great there, with a documentary that celebrates the entire run of the series and maybe tells its own version of the story we've been watching for nearly a decade. And then I hope we get to see the aftermath, as we did with the original Office series. Of course, there'd be much more to address here, so it should be interesting to see what the documentary zooms in on, how it's presented, and of course, how the Dunder Mifflin staff reacts to it, assuming we get to see that reaction.

Kelly West
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