The Office Recap: The Lover

Finally, the chance to use the words “mallard” and “fedora” in a recap! While last week’s episode was filled with silliness and minor laughs, The Office delivered one of its better installments tonight as Pam and Jim returned from Puerto Rico and were thrust full-force into some above-average Dunder-Mifflin drama.

We all knew Michael’s fling with Pam’s mom would come back to haunt Pam. As it turned out, the fling has turned into an actual relationship. Well, sex and sometimes dinner, but still, it’s recurring so it counts. Now, Pam’s gotten upset before. We’ve seen her irritated, disappointed and even ticked off but tonight, we saw Pam Halpert in full-on angry mode and she made no apologies about it, which is a mark of just how pissed off she was.

When Jim found out about Michael’s lover (aka Pam’s mom), he tried to convince Michael not to tell Pam. It’s understandable that Jim would want to hang on to as much post-wedding bliss as possible, but this is Michael we’re talking about. When Pam caught on that Michael was seeing someone and questioned him about it, he admitted that it’s an employee’s mother. Pam, thinking she was about to get some juicy gossip, went about trying to get the information out of him. And then, as Michael gave her nothing but silence and a serious look, the realization dawned on her.

If this were anyone else, aside from maybe Jim, I think we would’ve seen a hilarious sequence of reactions ensue as the son or daughter of Michael’s newest bed-mate dealt with the news that Michael Scott, of all people, was sleeping with their mom. But this is Pam and it would’ve been completely out of character for her to see any humor in the situation. As the day progressed, she had an argument with her mother on the phone and numerous screaming matches with Michael, one of which took place as the rest of the office was considering that Michael might actually deserve to be happy. As Pam put it later, she “doesn’t give a s—t” about his happiness.

Michael made a fair argument when he told Pam that he’s her boss and she needs to take her personal business out of the office. That’s true. But still, he’s sleeping with her mom. Her mom. So it’s hard to blame the girl for her reaction. Even Toby’s attempt at a little conflict resolution failed to soften her on the subject. The episode ended with no resolution to the matter. In fact, it seems Michael’s going to date Pam’s mother, whom he calls his pickle and his baby, even harder now.

The B-story followed Dwight bugging Jim’s office with a wooden mallard with a recording device in its belly. Jim caught on to this early on and messed with Dwight, forcing him to listen to opera (which induced an amusingly serious reaction from Creed) and later, a stupid conversation between Kelly and Ryan. Ryan spent the episode wearing a silly fedora. Where did he get the hat? He’d rather not say. He was very gangster in it though. I’m thinking a cigar and some suspenders might tighten up the look nicely.

In the end, Jim called Dwight out for the mallard thing and got him to apologize and wash his and Pam’s car. Little did Jim know, but the mallard was just a decoy. The real recording device was in a pen he planted on Jim’s desk. Dwight now has eight hours of the sound of Jim selling paper to listen to. Riveting.

Silliest moment: Michael’s latest improv character, demonstrated in the cold-open, Blind-guy McSqueezy. He grabs women’s boobs… because he can’t see.

Best laugh-out-loud moment: a tie between Jim barking, “Not now Toby! My God!” and later muttering under his breath when Pam found out he knew about Michael and her mother. Jim appears to be turning into Michael.

Up-and-coming story: Erin is looking for Michael’s favor. She insisted on asking Michael if she could put the candy Jim and Pam bought for the office, out on the reception desk. Because Pam didn’t offer complimentary jellybeans for years without ever asking permission.

And a bonus: In the gallery below, you’ll find a handful of photos promoting next week’s Halloween episode!

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