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The previously released clip from the upcoming episode of The Office gave us a look at one of the new guys, presumably referenced in the Season 9 premiere episode title "New Guys." The latest clip also happens to focus on Clark Duke's character, as we learn something special about his ears… or the inside of them, anyway.

In the last clip from the Season 9 premiere, it looks like Dwight thinks he and the new guy (Clark Duke of Greek) are going to be best friends, but it looks like there may be some friction there, and based on the video below, maybe even a little parking lot competition.

He's being called "Dwight Jr," which might be due to the farming connection (Dwight brings up farming in the last clip) or else, maybe like Dwight, he's also a bit of an oddball. At the very least, we know he has good balance and "gigantic inner ears." I love him already.

The Office returns this Thursday night (9/20) at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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