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The Olympics may have wrapped up this weekend, but NBC clearly still has the games on the brain, and it's trickled into this promo for The Office, which returns for its ninth season this September. Dwight gets caught in an awkward moment and his patriotism is put to the test.

I'm thinking few things are more awkward at an Olympic race than a false start. But what happens when it happens at Dunder Mifflin? NBC's new promo for Season 9 has Dwight looking a bit overanxious to leave the office, and it comes back to bite him when Jim catches him.

It wouldn't be the first time Dwight's spent the night at the office, would it? At least it's in the name of patriotism this time around. It's a fitting promo for right now, when many of us are decompressing after two weeks of Olympics binging, and it does a nice job of reminding us of the ever-present rivalry between Jim and Dwight, and how Jim always knows how to manipulate him.

The Office returns for Season 9 Thursday, September 20.

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