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The Office returns this week, and Clark Duke's arrival at Dunder Mifflin is reason enough to look forward to The Office's return. Duke brought humor to ABC Family's Greek as the occasionally preachy Dale, and proved to be just as funny in Hot Tub Time Machine and Kick-Ass. What will he bring to The Office? We'll find out when the series returns for its ninth season.

Duke's role in The Office reunites him with fellow hot tub time traveler Craig Robinson. We don't see him and Daryl on screen together in this preview, but hopefully they'll have a few run-ins once the new season gets going. The video below reminds us of the hilarious and occasionally rivalrous relationship of Jim and Dwight. But have the two met their match with Duke's character? See the amusing conversation Duke and Dwight have in the break room.

He's a farmer? Seems like Dwight thinks he and this new guy are going to get along… until Duke responds back with a less-than-enthusiastic reply. It's going to be very interesting to see how this new character fits into the group.

Season 9 kicks off this Thursday night (September 20) with "New Guys." Also premiering on NBC on Thursday night is Up All Night and Parks and Recreation.

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