The Olsen Twins Joke That Got Cut From Fuller House

This morning, Netflix gave the world what it’s been waiting for for decades: another round of Tanner family adventures through the revival series Fuller House. A lot of the conversations surrounding the sitcom’s comeback involved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and why they didn’t return, but it’s not like the show pretended Michelle Tanner didn’t exist. The first episode dropped a goofy reference to the absent actresses, but there would have been an even more over the top joke had it not been left on the cutting room floor. 

After Bob Saget’s Danny explained that Michelle was busy running a fashion industry, some unaired footage shows the rest of the cast members talking amongst themselves about Michelle not coming back, as John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse shouts out “One episode!”  And THEN, Jesse’s phone rings, and as he’s leaving the kitchen, he jokes, “It’s the twins’ lawyer.” 

Wowzers. There are loads of jokes within Fuller House’s opening minutes – including one about Kimmy having an “antacid flashback” that drew a grumbling chuckle from this writer – that feel like they could have been written during the show’s original run. But Full House was never really one for being meta or for breaking the fourth wall, so this kind of attempt at humor is perhaps the way in which this continuation series feels the most different from its TGIF successor.

Of course, the joke didn’t make it into the show, so it’s not like things were really different. I mean, the cast did deadpan at the camera when Michelle was mentioned, which hinted at the world behind the camera, but they didn’t take it too far. Which is a shame in my book. When Dave Coulier is breaking out a Bullwinkle impression two seconds into reprising the role of Joey Gladstone, this show’s writers seriously need a new perspective on how to make people laugh. 

According to People, the joke that made it to air was pitched by John Stamos, who was probably also the brains behind the one that got cut. One has to wonder if Stamos had a list of other “not quite as family friendly” jokes to throw out about the Olsens not making it back to the show for even the smallest cameo. Sure, they’re all supposed to be on good terms, but Stamos has made it clear in recent years that he doesn’t mind getting catty when the situation calls for it. I bet he had some zingers.

As far as all the jokes Fuller House did use, well, they aren’t exactly making critics go gaga. But if there’s any show that feels like it was created in a critic-proof vacuum, it’s Fuller House. Plus, there’s always that porn parody for people who want things a little more edgy. 

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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