Will Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Feature Caitlyn Jenner?

It’s been almost three months since Orange is the New Black debuted over the summer, and the creative team is back and laying the groundwork down for Season 4. If some rumors are to be believed, we might see one of the most talked-about celebs of the year making her way to Litchfield, as Caitlyn Jenner may show up for a cameo role.

Rumors began floating around some weeks back that Jenner would appear on Orange is the New Black’s new season, which made a certain amount of sense, since the most famous transgender celebrity would be a good grab for the show with arguably the most celebrated trans character on TV. And now Christian Post is not only saying that Jenner is expected to make her mark on the show, but it also knows where she’d fit into the story.

Jenner would reportedly play someone with whom Laverne Cox’s Sofia would engage in a temporary but empowering romance. In Season 3, Sofia’s burgeoning feud with Gloria over their sons’ influences on each other led to a fight, which then led to rumors of Sofia’s transgender nature spreading around the prison, and she was harassed and attacked as a result. Jenner would give her comfort and also help her stand up to those antagonizing her. It’s unclear whether this would happen in Litchfield proper or if they would somehow meet in the SHU.

It doesn’t seem likely that Jenner’s busy schedule would allow for something much larger than a one or two-episode arc, considering she has her reality show going, along with other engagements. Should this happen, it would be the first appearance that Jenner would make as Caitlyn in a fictional context, though as Bruce, she was in episodes of CHiPs and most recently in the features Jack and Jill and The Hungover Games.


There are a handful of other new characters that Jenji Koha will officially be adding to Season 4. Brad William Heneke, of Justified and Fury fame, will join the show as a new Litchfield guard, as will The Drop and Inside Amy Schumer actor Mike Houston, who will play CO Dixon. Get Smart (the film) actress Kelly Karbacz will play Kasey Sankey, an administrator within Litchfield’s management. Something tells me she’s going to give Caputo some trouble.

Other new details about Season 4 include Uzo Aduba’s standout Crazy Eyes finally falling in love with someone who loves her back, which also helps her to love herself as well. (We’re really hoping she continues her fan fiction during this.) And we’ll undoubtedly see Alex and Piper’s relationship go through more roller coaster loops, assuming Alex will still be alive to experience it.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 will premiere in 2016.

Nick Venable
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