The fourth episode of The Originals is set to hit the CW next week, and it seems that Klaus is finally ready to exact his revenge on former prodigy Marcel in an attempt to take back New Orleans. When we last left off, the feisty Davina still had her talons around Elijah, who is still stuck in a box. Klaus is ready to exact his revenge and maybe save his brother in the process, but as he notes in the new preview for next week’s episode, “Sadly, I’ve run out of time to play nice.”

During the first few episodes, we’ve learned a lot about the characters and their histories. Things finally started moving forward, plotwise, in this week’s episode of The Originals. Klaus’ plan to take down Marcel finally looks to be moving beyond long speeches and into the action phase. Case in point, Marcel’s vamp crew continues to disappear, and Klaus somehow has Marcel convinced he’s not behind it. However, with Marcel still banishing Elijah to a box, there's clearly going to be a faceoff coming up, and I can’t wait to see how that goes down.

Speaking of which, it looks like Rebekah will be sticking around while her brother gets up to shenanigans. This should prove interesting, since there seems to be several amalgamations of love triangles going on. Both Klaus and Marcel have shown interest in the human Camille and both Camille and Rebekah have shown interest in Marcel. Clearly, Klaus keeps conveniently forgetting that he knocked up the werewolf Hayley, but he’s always been a pretty selfish character, so whatever. Either way, this lovey dovey stuff could work out well for Marcel.

I’m honestly kind of annoyed that Klaus and Marcel can’t come to terms. Both vampire characters are pretty likeable, despite their obvious personality problems (Klaus has anger and control issues and Marcel is a jerk to werewolves and witches). At least the battle that has been brewing for the last few episodes should prove to be an interesting one.

The Originals is a spinoff of another CW show, The Vampire Diaries. It stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, and Charles Michael Davis. You can catch new episodes on the CW on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET or catch up on the series over at the CW site.

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