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Orphan Black Video Revisits Thrilling Moments And Clone Drama

Spoilers in the videos below if you aren't caught up on Orphan Black through Season 1!

Orphan Black returns for its second season on BBC America in about a month. We've already seen quite a few promotional videos for the second season, and the latest serves as a look back on the first season, offering snippets of highlights to refresh fans on everything that took place over the first season's 10-episode run, from Sarah's first introduction to the Clone Club through the mayhem that ensued as she, Alison and Cosima attempt to unravel the mystery that is their existence.

I just got caught up on the first season, which is now available on Amazon Prime (opens in new tab). Admittedly, I'd watched the pilot twice since it premiered and couldn't drum up the interest to watch more until recently, but the hype finally sold me on giving the series another chance and sure enough, it's a great show and well worth binge-watching. It just takes an episode or two to warm up. What impressed me most was how I had to remind myself that Tatiana Maslany is actually just one person. Not only is the series edited so well that it's easy to forget that there's more than one of the same human being on screen during many of the scenes, but Maslany's performances are so well crafted and consistent from one character to the next that it genuinely feels like we're looking at a handful of actors instead of just one. She's incredible. But if you watch the show already, you know that.

This is a series that seemed to expand continuously from one episode to the next during its first season. I'll be interested to see how it handles that expansion (including New characters!) as the second season resumes. Orphan Black Season 2 is set to premiere April 19 on BBC America. Here are some of the previously released videos for Season 2.

No cops...

Casima's sick...

Sarah's on the run... and kissing!

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