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The Osbournes, the MTV reality series that followed the lives of Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne, is making a comeback. This morning, The Talk host Sharon Osbourne announced that the famous family will be returning to MTV for a limited series that will update us on where each member of the famous family is now.

On yesterday’s episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne revealed what we can expect from the new edition of the series, which will catch us up on Ozzy’s upcoming tour with Black Sabbath and will reveal how the new family dynamics work, now that Jack has a wife and child. Here’s what she had to say about The Osbournes.
“It’s not as much coming back as a proper series as an update. At most, there will be only 6-8 episodes, and it’s a catch-up on our lives and where we are now, ‘cause it’s been so long since we have been seen as a family, and out family has grown. We have a granddaughter and a gorgeous daughter-in-law.”

You would have to think an updated version of the reality series that originally ran from 2002 to 2005 would have to be Sharon’s idea, as she is the family member who is most in the public eye and does good things for the Osbournes’ PR. However, Sharon credits her famous husband, Ozzy, with the idea.
“It was all my husband’s doing. Because He looked back on his life and said ‘I wish we could’ve done the Osbournes now where I am clean and sober. “

Of all of the reality fodder out there right now, The Osbournes actually stands a chance at finding an audience. Now that reality lurks around every corner, we forget how monumental The Osbournes actually was, taking us into the homes and the lives of the Osbourne parents and their then-teenaged children. Love them or hate them, Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly continued to find fame after the widely-watched reality series. Ozzy’s making new music. Sharon’s on The Talk and judged America’s Got Talent for a long time. Jack recently did well on Dancing with the Stars and Kelly is part of the Fashion Police team. An update could do quite well, provided it doesn’t get the flack Fox’s brief 2009 series following the family did.

MTV hasn’t officially announced when The Osbournes will return to the schedule, but it sounds like we will be updated sooner rather than later. Still, I’m not sure how the network plans to fill 6 or more episodes, considering the Osbourne family’s current successes. (Seriously, can you imagine Sharon pissing in a fifth of alcohol these days?) One warm and fuzzy update episode might just be enough. Regardless of my personal opinions, The Osbournes’ return seems imminent. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more news.

You can view the full The Talk episode over at CBS’ site.

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