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Claire reads, a McKenzie rides and Scotland continues to be incredibly beautiful in the latest Outlander photos. The latest official still from Ronald D. Moore's Starz adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series dropped not long after our last photo round-up, but there's been such a steady trickle of photos arriving online for this series that we knew another round-up was in the cards in the near future. Not only do we have the sight of Claire reading -- presumably during the 1940s part of the story -- but the latest set photos give us a look at Caitriona Balfe being made up with a lot of fake blood.

Balfe's own response to the photo indicates that she remembers "that day" well...

Outlander is set in two time periods, as the story begins with Claire Randall (Balfe) on holiday with her husband in Scotland following World War II, where she was a combat nurse. At some point during her trip, she finds herself mysteriously thrown back through time to 18th century Scotland, where she's eventually forced to marry Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), a gallant warrior and outlaw. Romance and adventure ensue as Claire settles into her new time period. I'm going to guess that the bloody photo above is prep work for a World War II scene. We know we're going to be introduced to Claire with a prologue involving her combat nurse days, so that photo may be related to that.

There's no mistaking where or when this next set photo is set, as it shows us Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie, the War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie. Looks like he's ready to ride here, and you can see Jamie and Claire on horseback in the background...

We got a look at McTavish along with Gary Lewis, who plays Dougal's brother Colum, in one of the recently released photos and also one of the excellent speak Outlander videos. Based on what we know about the production schedule right now (more on that in a second), I'm going to guess that this scene being shot is at some point after they've departed Castle Leoch? (Unless it's an older production photo, which it could very well be.) Outlander fans, feel free to sound off in the comments below if you think you can narrow down the time-frame a bit more than that. (Just please be mindful of spoilers for those who haven't read the book!)

Moving on to production of the series, which is underway in Scotland, from what Tall Ship Productions' Maril Davis revealed during a recent Twitter Q&E, at present, the number of completed episodes produced is still four, and they're presently shooting Episodes 9 and 10.

Meanwhile, writer Matt Roberts continues to tweet amazing photos of Scotland...

I want to go to everyone of his pictures. And I really can't wait to see how this series looks, as the setting looks incredible.

Gabaldon herself offered a caption for the above photo...

Pictures, pictures! Another trailer would be amazing but given the amount of months we have between now and the vaguely-set Summer premiere timeframe, that's probably asking a bit much. But the pictures keep coming, and that's ok. We'll take photos, right Outlander fans? We'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest pics that arrive for this anticipated series. Keep up with our Outlander coverage here!

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