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Parker Posey To Guest Star In New Girl Season 2 Premiere

Hot off her brief but fantastic guest spot in two back-to-back episodes of this season's Louie, Parker Posey doesn't appear to be done with the small screen yet. Word is, she's set to guest star in another series, this time on network television. The question is, will she force any of the men in this show into a dress?

TVLine is reporting that Posey (Dazed and Confused) is set to take over the guest role originally set to be played by Leslie Mann in New Girl's upcoming second season premiere, which will air on September 25. Schmidt's penis cast is coming off, which is obviously cause for celebration. Posey will be playing a "shot girl" at the party.

The part was originally set to be played by Knocked Up's Leslie Mann, but apparently, she had to bow out due to a scheduling conflict. As disappointing as it is that we won't see Mann in the role, Posey is a great choice, as she's proven to add her own kind of quirkiness to roles, and New Girl is certainly nothing if not brimming with quirk. It should be interesting to see what she does with the part.

In addition to playing the role of book store worker Liz in the two-part Louie episode "Daddy's Girlfriend, Posey's recent credits include a few episodes of The Good Wife and Showtime's The Big C. She also appeared in an episode of Parks and Recreation last year. So, while things might not have worked out for The REturn of Jezebel James, in which she starred, she seems to be doing well for herself in guest spots.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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