Parks And Recreation's Adam Scott Addresses Name Connection With Masters Winner On Conan

Those Parks and Recreation fans who happened to watch the Masters this weekend were likely all thinking the same thing. "I didn't know Adam Scott was a golf pro!" And Party Down fans might have loudly asked, "Are we having fun yet?!" Technically, Adam Scott is a golf pro. And given his success at the Masters, I'm thinking he was having a lot of fun. The winner of the golf tournament happens to be an Australian man with the same name as Parks and Rec star Adam Scott. Whether or not people comment to the golfer about sharing a name with a celebrity, we don't know. But based on what he said on Conan last night, actor Adam Scott has received quite a few comments - and lame jokes - since Scott won the Masters.

The above video shows Scott on Conan last night, humorously complaining about the bad jokes and comments he's received over Adam Scott since this weekend. He is not having fun (yet). The bit was made funnier when Conan presented Scott with his own green jacket.

You know who knows exactly how Adam Scott feels? Michael Bolton. No, not the singer. I'm referring to the character from Office Space, who also happened to be named Michael Bolton and doesn't love sharing his name with someone famous. Except that fictional character has had to deal with being linked to a famous person since he was a kid. And this stigma has apparently followed him into adulthood and the workplace. That includes having to lie and pretending he liked "that no talent ass clown" to "The Bobs" when they were interviewing him about his job.

You'd think it'd be great to have a celebrity name. But sometimes it isn't.

Kelly West
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