The world is ending, again, in Pawnee and it allows us to but the final stake in 7Twenty and the Ben/Leslie romance; at least for now.

The impending coming of Zorp, the local Pawnee cult's doomsday deity, is a fine metaphor to put an end to the aforementioned loose ends, but it is the reveal of Andy's bucket list that might be its best gift. Andy's list seems quite daunting at first listing, but some ingenuity from April allows them to scratch off quite a few. From making the world's greatest grilled cheese, to being an action movie star, to holding a thousand dollars in nickels, Andy's list is a broad range of goals. Seeing Andy complete the tasks is only part of what made their story great though as seeing the couple bond and be cute really took it over the top. And that finale with them at the Grand Canyon, so beautiful April couldn't even make a snarky comment, was perfect.

Back in Pawnee, Ben, Leslie, Anne, Ron and Chris are attending the Zorps' apocalypse gathering for a variety of reasons. Ron is grifting the flute loving Zorps with his wooden instruments, Chris is finding religion, Anne has nothing to do, Ben is being flirted with by Shauna and Leslie is going to do anything to stop her. Leslie and Ben is the A plot out of this group and it sadly seems like they are putting their romance aside for now. It did allow for Poehler to really shine though as she awkwardly scrambled to derail the potential coupling. The two are so sweet together and it is a shame to see them come to an end, for now, but I think abandoning a will they/won't thread is a good thing for the show. The Zorp apocalypse sure sounds hilarious though.

Lastly, Tom and Jean Ralphio decide to have one final "End of the World" party with the remainder of their 7Twenty capital as we put their hilariously misguided company in the rearview mirror. The party sure seems like it was a good time, with four levels of VIP rooms, a tiger and DD gift bags, but the best thing to come out of the story was the return of Lucy. Even though Lucy is only there because Ralphio was trying to "hit that", the night ends wonderfully for Tom as she shows she clearly wants to be back in his life. Lucy is great for Tom and I couldn't be happier to see her back in his life.

Parks & Rec continues its roll of good episodes this season and this was a nice bounce back from last week's episode. Where last week was mostly surface laughs, we get some real character development this week to go along with plenty of laughs on its own. It is hard to be disappointed in this show and this is a great example of how the show drives characters and can still be very funny.


-the world is ending in Pawnee, at the hands of Zorp, no!


-"I live on planet nut bran."

-Andy has a tough bucket list to finish

-"Nickels, I want nickels."

-Ron ripping off the Zorps, brilliant

-"We aren't even allowed in there."

-"Zorp, shmorp."

-Leslie's awkward response to Shauna about Ben being single, Poehler at her finest

-"I know that move."

-"Ben hasn't bored you to death yet?"

-"Keep your pants on."

-"When Zorp shows up your faces will be melted and used for fuel."

-"When Zorp burns your flesh off with his volcano mouth."

-"just crazy enough to work," loved Andy’s corny action movie line deliveries.

-Really like Andy's action movie and April's sister's cinematography.

-"Reborn a pretzel, or a socket wrench."

-"Socket wrench sounds good."

-"I am a practicing, none of your goddamn business."

-Jean Ralphio was trying to hit that, haha.

-Saw April and Andy ending up somewhere crazy at the end, Grand Canyon seemed perfect. And loved Andy thinking it was supposed to be Mt. Rushmore.

-Lucy's back! Yay Tom.

Till next week...

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